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Reynolds Freezer Paper - 50 sq foot

This is an extremely versatile product. It has one matt side and one shiny side. The shiny side has a light coating of plastic which will stick to fabric when you iron it. It can be used more than once which is great for quilting/applique. Freezer paper can also be run through your ink jet printer (not a laser printer!) if you would like to print several motifs at once. Set your printer to accept heavy paper, and feed the sheets one at a time. To keep it from curling, you can cut it a day or two ahead of time and put it under something heavy to flatten it. Freezer paper can also help you to print on fabric. For example, if you would like to personalize your labels, you can iron your freezer paper to the wrong side of the fabric, cut it a little smaller than a sheet of A4, and print your labels on the fabric. The freezer paper gives the fabric just enough body to go through the printer as if it were a piece of paper.

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